Search engine optimization is an all-encompassing web marketing strategy that entrepreneurs must pay close attention to. It is concerned not just with your site’s content and the quality of its links but also the way it is designed and made. That being said, web design and SEO are virtually inseparable. This article delves into the dynamics of this relationship so that readers can better understand their connection with the contribution of

The Importance of Web Design

The concern of effective web design, as it relates to SEO, primarily revolves around the issue of utility and user-friendliness. This is opposed to the traditional understanding of web design that is primarily concerned with aesthetics more than anything else. Instead, when using an SEO-approach to your site design, you would do well to keep the following things in mind:

  • User Engagement: What kind of conversion do you wish to spark with your readers?
  • Web Traffic: Which pages should they view and which content should they read? Check out for some great examples of page layout.
  • Site Algorithm: Are your pages following the latest SEO rules?

It is vital that you keep your priorities in check. Your website’s ultimate goals should always be about conversion rates, site traffic, and actual sales. As such, you should make the most of your web design scheme and develop your very own ‘sales funnel.’